Arianna De Luca

Arianna De Luca is interior design combined with handcrafted ceramics.

In each of her projects it is easy to spot her passion and interest for the artisanal landscape and recurrent elements from her Mediterranean background. 


Constantly seeking authenticity, she mainly focuses on the narrative and emotional side of her designs. 

As an interior designer she experiments with eclectic mixes and she designs exclusive bespoke objects for specific environments. 


She worked as interior designer in UK, Italy and South America. 

In 2017 she started working with ceramics in order to create bespoke pieces for her interior projects.

Recently, she launched her own ceramic design collection made of cheerful pieces with bold shapes and vibrant Mediterranean colours. 


She studied design in Rome and London, where she got an

MA degree from Central Saint Martins.

Currently based in Rome, where she runs her studio and artisanal workshop.

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*BESPOKE PIECES - Lighting, furniture, decoration designed to suit your brand

*BESPOKE CROCKERY FOR HOSPITALITY - Crockery specifically designed and crafted for your recipes.

Interior Design

*INTERIOR DESIGN FOR HOSPITALITY - from concept to completion

*BESPOKE customised ceramic designs developed upon clients request 


*CREATING handcrafted original designs


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(UK) +447768757365